GEMA-Again, Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Of Malang to bring back the Arabic expert directly from Saudi Arabia to fill the Skills Development Training to teach Arabic for non-native speaker. The activity was carried out two days in the Humanities Auditorium (30-31 / 1).

Training undertaken by the lecturers of Arabic was aimed at honing the skills of Teaching Arabic Language Learning Program for new students in State Islamic University Of Malang. In his speech, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr Zainuddin revealed the importance of the Arabic language as a way of understanding the Quran and Hadith. “This campus  combines Haiah Tahfidz Quran in the field of heart and those Arabic language program as a deeper understanding of the Qoran,” he said.
With the deepening of the skills training teaches Arabic for professors State Islamic University of Malang is expected to spawn a graduate of State Islamic University embryos are proficient in Arabic and has a broad religious scholarship. “To achieve these objectives required the ability to understand Arabic very well,” he said.
He hoped that this training can provide benefits and can increase the skills and knowledge for the development of Arabic at State Islamic University of Malang. “I thank Dr. Ali Ma’yuf who have taken the time to provide skills training in Arabic language teaching State Islamic University Of Malang, “he concluded.

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