Ministry of Communication and Information’s mission is to make Indonesia as Digital Energy of Asia. To that end, the National Movement 1000 Digital Startup initiated. This is the first step to create the future of the digital economy of Indonesia. The mission of this movement to create about 1000 young entrepreneurs from college. Especially those who do business in the field of application or digital.

This university became one of the places for the modern movement. Director General Application and Information Samuel A. Pangerapan, Ph.D. was brought in to fill a seminar at the Graduate Campus area, Saturday (11/2).
Among the 10 selected cities, Malang became the main destination and venue launching the movement. “Malang has long become of interest to students. Infrastructure and the foundation was strong in the field of digitization of information systems, “he explained.
He believes young people Malang certainly have original ideas that can also benefit the community. He cited the Go-Jek and Grabs the founders, is youth. “So I’m sure there must be a more interesting idea of ​​students here,” he said optimistically.
Dr. Achmad Sani, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics, expressed his appreciation for this digital startup movement. She also revealed APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Network Operator) in 2016. Of the 132.7 million netizens Indonesia, 70 million are those who at the age of 20 to 30 years. “So this kind of business, proved to be suitable for young people who are always up to date,” he added.
Liz Sutjiati M.Sc staff of MCIT,. explained that this activity will be carried out over four years. As the initiator, she is optimistic in that period will appear in 1000 a young entrepreneur in the digital field.
To refine the talents of the youth, Liz explains the four stages. First, the ignition (introduction). Here, prospective business people will be introduced to a young entrepreneur digital success. Furthermore, they will follow the workshop for a week to improve their skills. The third stage is hackaton. Here the participants will be able to apply the ideas in the field with the guidance of a mentor. Recently follow booth camp for 3 to 5 days to help launch digital startup of the participants. “Participants will still receive the monitoring of the experts even though four of these stages is already finished,” said Liz.

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