At the office of Quality Assurance Agency (LPM), Rector Prof. Mudjia Rahardjo, M.Si, accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Agus Maimun and CEO of LIMA Ryan Ghozaly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This cooperation is related to the implementation of Student League season 5 held by LIMA.
Ghozaly Ryan said, LIMA is an organization focused on fostering student athletes in Indonesia. The goal is to allow students to develop their talents and hobbies in sports. Five monitor the development of student athletes more dominated by students from universities in West Java and Jakarta. Whereas in other areas there are many talented student athletes. “Hopefully in the future, the distribution of student athletes in Indonesia can be more evenly distributed in every area,” he hoped.
In his speech, Prof. Mudji admitted very pleased with the signing of this cooperation. According to him, the university should be a place of civilization development, including the field of sports. “Essentially, the competence of student sport should also be increased,” said the Professor of Sociolinguistics.
In the Student League season 5 this year, it is estimated there are about 160 universities participated in the competition. Ryan, the name greeting, hoping the public interest this year could be even greater.

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