GEMA-Faculty of Science and Technology Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University held The 8th International Conference On Green Technologi (ICGT) at Ir. Soekarno Lt.5, on Saturday (7/10). The regular agenda that enters the 8th digit presents speakers from several countries, namely Instituto in Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestaziomi Italy, Jadavpur University India, and University of Hiroshima Japan.

This activity is themed, Empowering Basic Science Reasearches for Islamic Green Technology Department. Empowering basic research of Science is considered important for the development of green technology in Indonesia. Various types of research and discovery in the field of technology should be accompanied by the concept of go green. This is realized in this international conference with a poster race research and journal publication.
Chairman of the Committee, Ari Kusumastuti in his speech explained the 8th ICGT is done based on the importance of basic research to empower global research. The basic research of science and technology is a thing that is close to the life of the academics of both students and professors in an institution. Therefore, the urge to always do researcs in educational institutions especially Faculty of Science and Technology  is very important. “I hope today’s activities can add to the spirit of conducting research for all participants, and can benefit from the research experience,” added the lecturer.