GEMA-Team Automation and Robotics (ONTAKI) State Islamic University of Malang once again become the first national champion in the event of Soccer Robot Competition Technocorner held by Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta (16/3).
The soccer robot event was attended by 20 representatives from various top universities in Indonesia. In the event, the team of ONTAKI State Islamic University of Malang excels in the field of hardware components because it has a good preparation. “Our team has been preparing since December last year by practicing and continuously trying to develop the skill to get used to and better prepared during the competition,” said Abbas one of the team members who became the contestants.
Abbas explains, previously the three-member team has also won similar events in UIN Makassar and Bandung in 2015. All the achievements that he got also no instant, hard work required, and the exercise and cohesiveness of the team ONTAKI.
Meanwhile, in the presentation of achievements held in the Meeting Room of Lt.1, Lecturer of UIN Malang Prof. Dr. Abd. Haris, M.Ag. are present. He was very proud to see students of the Faculty of Saintek win the robot competition. “This is proof of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang work and serve for the country,” he said.
So, he added, in this campus who work and achievement is actually not only from among leaders only. However, the student must be able to create his extraordinary work that is able to provide benefits for the wider community. “The realization of academic product development of universities can also help in the industrial world, especially this country,” explained Prof. Haris. (ptt / aj / nd)