Faculty Profile

Faculty of Economics aims to develop the students’ ability to become scholars who excel in professional ability, ethics, integrity, and responsibility on economic knowledge. In addition, the faculty provides an insightful soul of entrepreneurship in the regional, national and global scope based on Islamic teachings and values.

Facilities and Services

The faculty has LAN (Local Area Network), Wi-fi / Hot Spot Channel, Software Application Series, Audio Visual Conference, SMS BOX, Stock Exchange Laboratory, Statistics Laboratory, Accounting Laboratory, Information System Laboratory, Auditing Laboratory, Tax Center, Management Laboratory, IDX Corner, Computerized Accounting Laboratory, and Sharia Mini-Bank.

Management Department

The Department is established in response to social demands for graduates possessing not only adequate management skills but also Islamic Economist Personalities. It has exceptional academic activities for student, like internships, management seminars, and management units.

Accounting Department

The Department produces competent moslem scholars having basic research skills in the deveploment of accounting disciplines. Through this department, the student are prepared not only to be expert on accounting but also to own Islamic personality qualifications economists.

Sharia Banking Department

It is specifically designed to produce associate experts in finance and banking and professional skills for the development os Islamic banking. This program leads the student to be professionals in shria banking.

for further information http://fe.uin-malang.ac.id/