Faculty Profile.

The faculty provides highly qualified education to prepare students for their teaching career in public and private schools, as well as in pesantren. This faculty helps students achieve personal, pedagogical, social, and professional competencies, aimed to create professional teachers in Islamic education. The faulty systematically and costantly develops curriculum designs and evaluations, teaching-learning methodologies, and educational management in relation to Islamic values and academic morals.

Islamic Education Department

The Department prepares Islamic education teachers with outstanding cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills to fulfill the demand and needs of national and international Islamic society.

Social Science Education Department.

The Department is established to respond the society’s needs toward qualified social science teacher of primary and secondary schools. It facilitates graduates to integrate social sciences, economics, and islam and to perfom entrepreneurship skills at national and international societies.

Education for Islamic Primary School Teachers Department.

The Department prepares prospective teachers to apply teaching competencies at primary schools. It also helps them be thinkers and innovators of education.

Arabic Language Education Department.

This Department aims at enabling student to have comprehensive knowledge in Arabic education through studying Arabic Language Teaching, Curriculum Development in Arabic Language, Research in Language Teaching, and Current Issues in ALT (Arabic Language Teaching and Learning).

Education for Islamic Preschool Teachers Department.

The depaertment prepares prospective teachers for very young learners in Islamic kindergartens by equipping them with the capabilities of designing curriculum and teaching media, and implementing the latest teaching methods for preschoolers.

Islamic Education Management Department.

The Department aims at qualifying the student to plan innovative programs for islamic education advancement, manage the institutions, monitor the process, and evalute the outcomes of the islamic schools and universities.

Facilities and Services.

The Faculty provides excellent facilities and services to support the students’ academic performance: micro teaching laboratory, media and material development laboratory, the center of education and training for islamic teachings, islamic studies multi-media, faculty library, and academic journals.

Executive Program.

It intensifies students’ academic activities through foreign language programs, round table discussions, counseling, supervisions, and bilingual class programs with arabic and english as language instructions.