Faculty Profile

The faculty prepares student to understand and apply humanity principles in the workplace and society based on Islamic teachings. Aside from that, the faculty facilitates student to be open-minded and critical intellectuals primarily in the field of language and literature. Fulfilling those qualifications, the graduates have great opportunities to work as teachers, educators, translators, journalists, tour guides, novelists, poets, public realition officers, embassy staffs, etc.

English Language and Letters Department

This Department empowers students to experience meaningful teaching and learning processes and gain broad knowledge in English language skills and component, English (pure and applied) linguistics,nglish literary studies, linguistics research, literary criticism, cultural studies, and elective course in advanced translation, business English, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), guiding and tourism, and journalism.

Arabic Language and Letters Department

This Department enables student to gain profound knowledge in Arabic linguistics and literary studies. It offers compulsory courses of Arabic language skills and components, core units in Arabic linguistics and literary studies, research methodology in linguistics, literary criticism, and elective courses in translation, language teaching, guiding and tourism, and hajj (pilgrimage).

Supporting Facilities  and Programs

To advance student academic competencies, the faculty provides support facilities and services such as the self Access  Center (SAC), Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment (CLTIE), Center for Language and Culture Studies (CLCS), Curriculum Resourse Center (CRC), University Student Unions (USU), and Accredited Journals. The faculty is also supported by native speaker lecture from diverse countries like the United States of America, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Sudan.

for further information http://humaniora.uin-malang.ac.id/