Faculty Profile

The faculty focuses on communication and psychological service. As the faculty develops competency-based curriculum integrated to Islamic values, the students are able to apply their knowledge on psychology in integration with Islamic perspectives. With these principles the faculty aims to produce graduates competence in relationship, assessment, intervention, research, and evalution. Its graduates can build their career in any fields related to human resource development and social services.

Course Program

The program facilitates the student to pursue their higher, degree through some elective courses such as education, Industry, Mental Health, and Social. In Education, Students are prepared to be supervisors and course program, student might have their career as human resource development manager and psychologist. Graduates attending mental health major can be psychologist at mental health hospitals and children counselors. Meanwhile, being professionals in social institutions will be the most appropriate career path for student taking social psychology course program.

Facilities and Services

The faculty’s facilities include libraries, laboratories of individual and classical psychology, and student support center. Services provide psychological test and assessment program for psychological placement test, majors, recruitment, and IQ tests. The services also cover social support to the program of natural disasters, drugs, children in trouble, and training programs in the field of AMT (Achievement Motivation Training), LMT (Learning Motivation Training), TOT (Training of Trainers), and Capacity and Character Building Training. Finally, the faculty provides Center of Applied Psychology which serves public community such as psychological counseling, training, and psychology tests.

for further information http://psikologi.uin-malang.ac.id