Faculty Profile

The faculty improves quality of human resources in science and technology associated with their practical basic sciences and Islam. The faculty strives for the revival of the medieval scientific tradition pioneered by muslim philosopher-scientists like Al-Khawarizmi, Al-Biruni, Al-Tusi,and Ibn Hayyam. The courses facilitate scientific culture in Islamic world to support Muslim communities in the development of world civilization.

Mathematiscs Department

The Department aims at developing both theoretical and applied mathematics in response to the future challengers of modern scientific world and the need of society based on Islamic values. The Department provides a wide range  of mathematic disciplines, such as analytical mathematics, algebra, statistics, computation, and applied mathematics. The students are able to further develop research in sciences, statistical computer programs, and industrial companies. It has a number of supporting academic facilities, including Elementary and Intermediate Mathematic Laboratory, Statistic Laboratory, Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling, and Internet Laboratory.

Chemistry Department

The department improves the student’ cognitive abilities and work ethics, attitudes, and behaviors in terms of Islamic values. The courses enable the students to analyze organic and inorganic materials, explore biochemistry, master chemometrics, and develop chemist industries. The supporting facilities are basic chemistry laboratory, analytical chemistry lanoratory, physical chemistry laboratory, organic chemistry laboratory, inorganic chemistry laboratoty, biochemistry laboratory, computational chemistry laboratory, instrumentation laboratory, and chemical warehouse laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with AAS, FT-IR, HPLC, GC-MS, and UV-Vis Spectroscopy.

Biology Department

The department aims to produce graduates who are able o develop molecularbiology, tissue culture, and genetic engineering directed to integrate biology science and Islamic values. The courses are supported by microbiology laboratory , animal physiology laboratory, biosystematics laboratory, ecology laboratory, plant physiology laboratory, biochemistry laboratory, genetics research laboratory, bio-molecural laboratory, and green house laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with the tools of sophisticated instruments including PCR and real time PCR, DNA sequencers, inverted microscopy, transluminator, digital autoclave, ultra centrifuge, blood analyzer, and elisa reader.

Physics Department

The department develops  the application of basic sciences into Islamic institutions. The development focuses on branches of physics, instrumentation, computation, geophysics, biophysics, materials, and theories. The students are able to apply pure and applied physics in their future career.

In recent years, the department has engaged in the scientific world with the current patent of dryers. The department has also piloted robotic project to take part in the world’s robotic contests. The courses are supported by such facilities as basic physics laboratory, mechanics laboratory, optical and solid substances laboratory, electric field laboratory, acoustics laboratory, geophysical laboratory, atomic and modern physics laboratory, computing laboratory, mechanical workshop, electronics repair, and alternative energy laboratory.

Informatics Engineering Department

The department confidently teaches student with science, knowledge, and skill to compete in global markets. The student are able to develop computer programming, computer networking, web designs, and hardware maintenance. It has several excellent facilities like digital circuit laboratory, multimedia laboratory, artificial intelligence laboratory, Internet laboratory, research laboratory, database laboratory, programming laboratory, and networking and data communication laboratory. To support student’ knowledge of the latest technological development, the department carries out supporting activities such as regular regional and national seminars, game technology, community exploration expertise student, and ICT show.

Pharmacy Department

The department empowers the student Islamic values and latest technology to  deliver pharmaceutical tasks, such as manufacturing, producing, distributing, and servicing halal pharmacy preparations professionally. The focus of the department is on the products quality and patients’ safety supported by facilities, such as cinical laboratory, herbal laboratory, veterinary and vaccine industry, phyto-pharmacy, and health food laboratory.

Architecture Engineering Department

The department administers professional education in architecture inspired by Idlamic and Indonesian visions. This education results in Islamic scholars of architecture who foster their architectural knowledge and manifest modern Islamic-built style. Besides, the graduase able to respond to the dynamics of globalization, science, technology, and architecture. Its facilities are architecture laboratory, animation archiecure laboratory, urban and rgiona planning aboratory, science and technology laboratory, LAN laboratory,  architecture deveploment laboratory, structure laboratory,and several workshops, galleries and studios.

for further information http://saintek.uin-malang.ac.id/