Faculty Profile
The faculty aims at producing competent bachelors and ulama (religious figures) to apply and develop family law and business law based on moderate Islamic perspective. The Faculty’s course units and training allow the graduates to pt for their future career as Islamic law experts or practitioners in public or private institutions.

Al-Ahwal al-Syakhsiyyah (Islamic Family Law) Department

The Department facilitates the graduates to be professionals in law institutions, such as religious and religious affairs office. Its units cover contemporary issues of Islamic family law in national and international level as well as discourse on classical Islamic law sources.

Sharia Business Law Department

It fulfills the demand of sharia financial industries that develop very rapidly in current Islamic societies. The graduates are taught and trained to analyze and solve business problems through and trained to analyze and solve business problems through sharia and reorient the law in relation to the contemporary economic society.

Facilites and Services

They cover Internet Access Islamic Digital Collection, Falak (Astronomy) Laboratory, Center for Research, Publishing, and Social Services, Scietific Journals (dejure for lecturers and jurisdictie for student), and many others.

Executive Program

The faculty opens bilingual calss program For Al- Ahwal al-Syakhsiyyah with the partnership of Al-Azhar University, Egypt, as the sister university. The program provides teleconference facilities and international television network memorization of Islamic law verses and hadith, reading English and Arabic texts on Islamic law, discussion on the integration of contemporary issues with Islamic books, court session practices, and field work.

for further information http://syariah.uin-malang.ac.id/