What is International Student Admissions :

  • International Student Admissions is the process for non-Indonesian Citizen / non-Indonesia Permanent Resident students to seek admission into mainstream regular or international programs in Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University (UIN Maliki).
  • Admission of international students into mainstream educational programs of UIN Maliki  is subject to availability of the program vacancies, the student meeting the faculty’s admission criteria and the student’s successful application of a Student’s Pass (STP) from the Immigration

Eligibility for Admission :

  • You will be regarded as an international applicant if you do not hold Indonesian citizenship.
  • To be able to get admission, candidates must demonstrate good academic competence which is proven with high academic merit. International applicants should apply directly to Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University by submitting a set of necessary documents (see the flow chart of admission procedure). International applicants are generally not required to sit for the entry test for admission unless a special condition occur. The eligibility for admission is based on a desk evaluation carried out by the UIN Maliki admission test committee on your academic achievement.
  • International applicants must meet the academic, language requirements and commit to comply with particular regulations of Indonesian government related to education policy in order to apply for a degree at UIN Maliki.

Under-graduate Program Admission :

  • Admission to under-graduate program requires a good academic performance in high school or college.

Graduate Program Admission :

  • Admission to Master program requires a good Honour at Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and in the subject or related discipline.
  • For Doctoral program, candidate must display an excellent record and capability in conducting academic research. UIN Maliki is fully committed to the scientific advancement. Applicant for Doctoral program holding international publication are preferred

Steps of Admission

1. Documents that should be Prepared for the Online Registration:

Please prepare the following documents and send to email : isa@uin-malang.ac.id

  • Current color photograph; close up with red background.
  • Scanned Senior High School Certificate (for Undergraduate Program
  • Scanned Undergraduate/Bachelor certificate (for Graduate Program)
  • Scanned passport
  • Recommendation from Indonesian Embassy.
  • Form of admission in here

2. The Implementation of an online exam on July 01, 2018

3. Announcement of exam result on July 07, 2018

4. Letter of Acceptance and Visa request delivery to the candidate on July 09, 2018

5. Departure to Indonesia on July 16, 2018


For further info related to International Admission, contact:

Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University of Malang, East Java Indonesia
Gajayana street 50 in Malang 65144, Jenderal Besar H.M. Soeharto Building (SC Lt. 1)
Telephon/Faxsimile : 0341 569901

Website : http://pasca.uin-malang.ac.id/ and http://isa.uin-malang.ac.id/