Ma’had (Islamic Boarding School) is the most fundamental support for the dissemination of integration-based education system at the University. The students who are studying in their first academic year are required to live in ma’had and attend all mandatory programs, such as Ta’lim al Afkar al-Islamiyah (studies of Islamic Thought), Ta’lim al-Qur’an (Quran Studies), and Arabic and English Tutorials. Basically, ma’had plays theree fundamental functions for students : acclimatizing them with academic traditions, creating bilingual environment for improving Arabic and English skills, and training to learn to live together. So far, the university has 11 dormitories, providing sufficient accomodation for over 3.000 student.

Daily activities program at Ma’had Al-Jami’ah Center:
1. Shabah al-Lughah (Morning Language)
2. Ta’lim Al-Qur’an
3. Tashih Qiroatul Al-Qur’an
4. Tahsin Tilawatil Qur’an
5.Ta’lim Afkar Al-Islamiyah
6. Prayer Tahajud / Preparation of shubuh prayers in congregation
7. Sha’at Prayer and Wirdul Lathief readings
8. Shalat Jama’ah
9. The reading of the letter Yasin / Tahsin al-Qiro’ah / Madaa’ih Nabawiyah / Muhadlarah / Ratib al-Hadad
10. Community Smart Learning, Extra Activities Mabna & amp; UPKM (Activity Unit
of Ma’had Activity:
    a. JDFI: Shalawat, Calligraphy, Khitobah, qiroah, and MC.
b. Halaqah Scientific
c. Journalism El-Ma’rifah).
11. Absence of santri curfew and Mentoring
12. Learn independently and rest
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